Sunday Story – A Family Adventure Conclusion

You can read Part I here.

My siblings and I decided to take a walk with our new friends, Dad’s friend’s kids, so we climbed a hill with them in back of their house. The view was pretty amazing, for a whole lot of nothing, that is. Then we saw the wild burros. There must have been a hundred! I could smell their breath. No one said anything about wild animals on this trip. This wasn’t a safari!

While I was desperately trying to remember every video game I had ever played, and what the hero had done in a similar situation, the dog started barking. Then we all started barking, too, and the burros ran away from us. When the dust settled, we headed back down the hill. That wasn’t so bad. I brushed off my clothes and stumbled through the back door of our friends’ house.

“What did you do outside?” my mom inquired. “See anything interesting?”

“Only some burros, but they’re gone now.”

The next morning we waved goodbye, and drove east. We passed about a hundred burros not far from the edge of the highway. They didn’t bother looking up.

“Wow, I didn’t know there were that many around. It’s a good thing you didn’t bump into them yesterday,” my dad commented.

None of his children said a word. After a couple of stops for photos we arrived at last at the Grand Canyon. It was early April, and at 6,500 feet elevation it was freezing! The wind was blowing icy little pellets in our faces. I tried to hide in the gift shop, but my family dragged me outside to take a picture in front of the big hole in the ground.

Then the sun came out, a rainbow appeared, and I actually saw it. Don’t tell my parents I said so, but the Grand Canyon turned out to be awesome.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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