Sunday Story – Terrestrial Bodies Conclusion

Terrestrial Bodies in Orbit, Part II

(Read Part I here.)

The mother ship led the way for its satellites, up the hill and around a bend. It stopped at the end of the street, and three teenagers emerged. Four more opened pickup doors and slid out. Mattresses, shelves, CD players, dishes, clothes, and many other items large and small were carried up the stairs to a second floor apartment.

“Don’t drop that!” shouted the tall girl.

“Where’s my phone?” demanded the driver.

“It won’t all fit,” cried the girl upstairs.

“What time is the party?”

They spent their paychecks on food, rent, and utilities. The cupboards were full, the water, electricity, and cable were turned on, and they had Joey’s TV. Their friends arrived, stomped up the stairs, invaded the apartment, and turned on the CD player.

They opened the refrigerator, dropped a laptop, and crushed chips into the carpet. The music was loud, the drinks were gone, the neighbor complained, everyone left. The girls slept until noon.

“Food’s all gone,” the tall girl announced.

“I’ll go to the store,” suggested the driver.

“There’s no more money,” whimpered the girl in the kitchen.

“This sucks.”

The mother ship returned to the ranch-style house. One teenager got out. She walked up the steps, and rang the bell.

“Can I come in?”

copyright 2012 J. M. Naszady


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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