Wednesday Words – Another Excerpt from Willy’s Magic

It’s time once again for another sneak peek into my novel. Today I am taking you right into the middle of the book:

Chapter XI: The Girls in the Band

When Sam told his older sister, Cath, about our new band, she started asking him all about it. Then she got on the phone with me and asked more questions. She wanted to join us if we were interested.

“I was singing with another group, Willy, but most of them graduated last year, and things started to crumble over the summer. I really miss it. Could you use another singer? I’ll be around a couple of years, at least.”

“OK, why don’t you come on by during practice this week and audition for us?”

She laughed so hard she…well, never mind.

When Cath showed up at our next practice and began to sing with us, she blew us all away! She became our lead singer. We changed the name of the band to “The Five of Us,” at least until we could think of something better.

Cath joining our group really helped me out in numerous ways. I didn’t feel so much pressure to sing and could concentrate more on playing and composing. She had so much experience already, that she was able to give us a lot of good advice. She is also a songwriter, so we began to collaborate.

Most importantly, Cath has a car! Shell and I began staying later in the valley to practice, and we rode home with Cath when she was ready to leave. We were spending so much time in that garage we felt like we lived there. Jade’s parents said they were either going to have to adopt us or charge us rent.

“We’ll settle for fifty percent of any future earnings. You ladies are very talented!”

Jade’s dad is a real comedian. Cath was already acting as our agent, and was ready to make a deal.

“I’m sure we can work something out to our mutual satisfaction. Have your people call my people.”

When I wasn’t in class, on the bus, or in Jade’s garage, I was watching music videos on YouTube while I did my homework. That’s where I discovered Julia Nunes. She plays the ukulele, as well as several other instruments, and sings. I really liked the videos she made with her friends in her college dorm room. That was a few years ago. Her songs are what inspired me to start writing songs of my own. Here’s one I’m working on right now:

(I Want to Be) Just Like Juliaaa Nunes

When I grow up, it’s taking so long

I’ll be a star, singin’ my songs

With my friends, we can’t go wrong

Oh, I want to be

Just like Juliaaa Nunes

That’s all I have so far, but it isn’t finished. I discovered that Julia and I have a lot in common. We were both born in January. We both sing and play the ukulele. We both started writing songs when we were 14. But she’s about ten years older than I am.

Cath is taking a multimedia class, and she needed a project. She decided to make a video of our band. It was good for all of us to feel like we were performing for an audience, even if it was only a camera.

She posted the video on her YouTube channel, and I told Kai about it. Then Kai started posting videos of the group he was playing with in Hawai’i. The girls in our band were impressed.

“He’s hot, Willy! Is he your boyfriend?”


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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