Sunday Story – My Sister, My Roommate Conclusion

My Sister, My Roommate

Part II (You can read Part I here)

I am a victim of Middle Child Syndrome. The symptoms are an older sister who’s a pain on one side and a younger brother who’s a pain on the other side. My sister is short, bossy, and obnoxious. When we were little, our parents had to child-proof the house, so we wouldn’t stick our fingers in the electrical outlets or drink poison. I had to sister-proof our room. She takes anything of mine she sees or thinks she needs. Then she loans it to one of her friends, and it ends up in somebody’s boyfriend’s locker at another school. I never see it again.

I have stress in my life. I’m an athlete, and I have homework every night, so I need plenty of rest. As soon as I turn out the light and crawl under my covers, she turns it on again. She likes to read until she feels sleepy. When the light’s finally out, and I’m just drifting off, she clears her throat. She can’t get up to get a drink of water, because she’s too tired.

It’s not my fault I tripped on her pile of clothes in the middle of the floor and spilled soda on her favorite shirt. I didn’t know her photo album was open on her bed. I’m sure the pictures will dry soon. Until they do, I think I’ll sleep in a tent in the back yard. My snoring won’t bother her out there.

copyright 2012 J. M. Naszady


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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