A Tale of Two Refrigerators

OK, I know it’s only a big hunk of man-made products. But after eighteen years, you can become quite attached to your refrigerator. It’s always there waiting for you each morning and evening, purring amiably. It holds the things that sustain you in good times and bad, keeping your food fresh and cold. It provides a place for you to display important messages and photos, clipped comics, and the number of your favorite pizza parlor. It is the hub of your home.

old fridge 2

So when you must say goodbye, it’s a little sad, even when the gentle purr has become an annoying rattle that can be heard day and night. Or when, in its last days, it fails to keep the ice cream from melting into fuzzy goo. Forgive its weakness. It has been a faithful companion.

new fridge 2

When you search for a new icebox, you will be dazzled by the display of  shiny new models that are ready to replace your faithful domestic sidekick. Shop around and choose wisely, as this will most likely be a long-term relationship. Don’t be tempted by flashy gadgets and empty promises. And when your new companion arrives and the old one is hauled away, make sure it goes out as sparkling clean as when it arrived. You owe it that much!


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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