A Novel Idea

Here is the synopsis of my new novel. I am nowhere near where I should be if I’m going to write 50,000 words by 11/30 for National Novel Writing Month, but my outline is looking good! Would YOU read this novel, assuming it will be completed someday?paper dolls

Elizabeth needs a new life. Whenever the going gets tough in her work or personal relationships, she bails. Liz waits until the moment when what was fabulous becomes dreadful, and the imaginary walls of her perfect world crumble. Then the clever young designer of make-believe disguises herself as a victim, gains the sympathy of loyal followers, and slips away to re-invent herself for the next life she will lead.

Liz is a master of disguise. As a child she was Dolly, who came to life in her paper doll collection. She spent every waking moment arranging, either in her mind or on the tipped-over cardboard box she called her “stage,” the beloved characters in her paper doll world. They spoke to her as no one else could. Surrounded by her paper doll family, Dolly was her true self. Each wardrobe and backdrop had a theme. Dolly’s favorite was the princess theme. The princess was special, and when she found herself in a precarious state, the prince was without fail there to rescue her and take her away to a new life.

After her father’s tragic death, Daddy became a voice in Dolly’s head. His gentle words guided her until she escaped from home into the world. On her own at last, she created a new history of herself and catapulted into the virtual world of video game script writing. Liz was whoever she needed to be until a desperate call sent her home to face the reality of her family.

Elizabeth struggles to find a way out of reuniting with her estranged mother, and fails. Not since childhood has she felt so powerless. Without her familiar props, Liz must learn new lines that come from her heart, not from a script. Facing her worst fears, she discovers something, and someone, from home worth keeping.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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