Book Review: Liar and Spy

liar & spyA fun book that I finished reading recently is Liar and Spy (2012), by Rebecca Stead. I won an advance copy in an online contest (I never win things), and then put it away and forgot about it. When I discovered it while packing during our move last summer, I read it with great enjoyment and anticipation of what would happen next. Although it is for and about middle grade kids, their challenges, and their triumphs, I found insights into what is important in life no matter what your age, and didn’t see the ending coming.

Lucinda Rosenfeld had this to say in The New York TimesUnlike her Newbery Medal-­winning novel, “When You Reach Me,” in which time travel is the subtext to all the interwoven story lines, Rebecca Stead’s new book, “Liar & Spy,” is firmly grounded in the here and now. What the two do share is a mood of shimmery unrest. Part coming­-of-age tale, part mystery, “Liar & Spy” takes place in contemporary Brooklyn and revolves around a seventh-grade loner and misfit named Georges…Stead handily succeeds in keeping all the mysteries going to the bitter end. And in each case, this non-young adult was genuinely surprised by the outcomes.”

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Stead’s work.


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I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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