Book Review: The Round House

the roud houseOne of my summer reads this past year was The Round House (2012), by Louise Erdrich, a favorite author of my husband. It is a compelling tale of disturbing events on an Indian reservation in North Dakota. I found Ms. Erdich’s storytelling difficult to put down, as she skillfully unraveled a tale of mystery, violence, coming of age, and family bonds.

In SFGate, the online version of the San Francisco Chronicle, Molly Antopol shared her review.

“Readers familiar with Erdrich’s 2008 novel ‘The Plague of Doves’ will recognize the fictional town of Pluto, N.D., as well as characters from Erdrich’s prior work. This book takes place on the Ojibwe reservation that abuts Pluto – a region that is for Erdrich what Yoknapatawpha County was for Faulkner: she knows the terrain so intimately, and describes it with such care, that the setting becomes as integral to the plot as the characters themselves.

Indeed, the book’s title refers to the Ojibwe holy place where Geraldine was attacked – and it is the moment Joe first visits the round house, searching for clues to the crime, that the novel morphs from a family drama into a genuine thriller. Erdrich’s plotting is masterfully paced: the novel, particularly the second half, brims with so many action-packed scenes that the pages fly by. And yet the author also knows just when to slow down, reminding us that despite everything upending Joe’s life, he’s still just a teenager.”

I look forward to reading more of Ms. Erdrich’s work.


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