Book Preview: Dancing On Broken Glass

I have great admiration for those who write lengthy reviews. They give quotes and details, describe the characters and themes, conflict and plot. If you have read a book, you can compare your thoughts and feelings about what you have just read to an expert’s, or at least someone who is well read and opinionated.

I am not necessarily well read, and certainly not an expert on anything except what I like. I think readers should make up their own minds about what to think of what they read, but it certainly can be helpful to discuss it with someone else.

Reading a lengthy review before you have enjoyed a book yourself may be required by those who are unwilling to spend time reading something they may not like while they decide what they think about it, who want to know exactly what to expect. I would rather be surprised.

In this blog I will try to give enough information so that a potential reader can decide whether or not to take the plunge. Mostly I will tempt the unsuspecting reader into trying a read, with very few words. Please forgive me if I lead you astray. Brevity is my trademark.

dancing on broken glassDancing On Broken Glass (2012), by Ka Hancock, is a work of fiction that has recently come to my attention as something I might enjoy reading.

It is a tragic tale of love, commitment, and loss, but along the way there are moments of inspiration. Lucy Houston is a teacher and a cancer survivor. On her twenty-first birthday, she meets Mickey Chandler, a club owner with Bipolar Disorder. They connect and the rest is up and down as they live their lives together on a teeter-totter, like everyone else, only more.

Ms. Hancock is a psychiatric nurse, and she uses her experience to portray her characters realistically. Here is the Prologue, posted on the author’s website. I found it intriguing and it gave me impetus to continue reading. Be warned, however: stock up on the facial tissue of your choice. There will be tears.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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