Book Review: The Best Man

the best manI just finished reading The Best Man (2013), by Kristan Higgins, which I previewed in this blog a couple of weeks ago. Although it is light entertainment (at its best), I thoroughly enjoyed the characters and plot; it was as addictive as chocolate chip cookies.

I knew what the end result of this Harlequin romance would be. It was clear from the start. But the journey there was a delight, and kept me on the edge of my seat with unexpected dips and twists. I had trouble putting it down.

The Holland family and their entourage is all that a large, exuberant family should be…and then some. Real life in all of its many forms, including early death, abandonment, illness, and disappointment, along with unwavering loyalty and commitment, are woven together with humor and good old sibling rivalry. Ms. Higgins tells a story that invites you in and offers you something to eat. Bravo!

Apart from some rather blatant stereotyping and smart remarks about Californians, this story is appealing on many levels. I may even read the next installment in this series, The Perfect Match (2013), to find out what happens next in the Holland clan. I just can’t help myself.


About Joan Marie Naszady

I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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