Book Preview: The Great Greene Heist

the great Greene heistHere is a novel for adolescents worth reading. The Great Greene Heist will be released in late May of this year. Written by Varian Johnson, it features Jackson Greene, Maplewood Middle School con artist extraordinaire, along with a diverse cast of co-conspirators.

Jackson is trying to reform his trouble-making ways, but when he finds out that the election for school president may be rigged against his former best friend Gaby de la Cruz, he puts his latest scheme into action, even though he is breaking one of his own rules. The cast of characters is extensive, and references to other schemes and The Greene Code are explained in the appendix. All of the plot complications add to the fun of this funny and fast-paced caper novel.

Varian Johnson is a huge fan of Rebecca Stead, the author of Liar and Spy and When You Reach Me. She inspired him in his writing. Here is a link to a quote from an interview that she gave, in which she talks about voice.


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I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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