Book Preview: Fractures

fracturesFractures (2013) by Lamar Herrin is a family drama that takes place in upstate New York. Frank Joyner is the head of a family, living on the hundred acres he inherited. When his neighbors make arrangements to lease their land for natural gas extraction by way of the highly controversial hydrofracking process, the author turns a political nightmare into a story about family conflict.

Frank’s children are experiencing their own crises, including his daughter Jen, whose son Danny is living with his grandfather on the farm while his mother comes to grips with her love life. Son Mickey is torn between advising his father that no matter what he decides to do, the land will be affected, and pointing out the lasting effects of making a statement. Older son Gerald has removed himself to California. Then there are Frank’s sisters, who would benefit from any extra income the farm produces.

Without taking sides, Herrin digs into a family history and exposes the conflicts, motivations, and emotions that lie beneath the surface in this engaging novel.


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I am a learner, a teacher, and a naturalist who enjoys being creative!
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