Book Preview: The Biology of Luck

the biology of luckIn The Biology of Luck (2013) by Jacob M. Appel, Larry Bloom is a New York City tour guide, wanna-be novelist, and casualty of love. Self-diagnosed as nondescript and homely, Larry wrote a novel for and about Starshine Hart, a woman as striking as her name. She is the object of Larry’s affection, and author Appel has included excerpts from his main character’s fiction, written from Starshine’s perspective, about the day when Larry reveals his love for her and the book he will soon publish about her.

A letter from a publisher which may contain the fate of the book shows up at the beginning of the story, but is put aside for later. This novel takes place in a single June day. It is filled with the real-time adventures of Larry as he guides a tour through the city and the story inside the story of how he imagines Starshine spending her day. The book draws to a tandem conclusion at the end of this postmodern romance when Larry and Starshine meet for their dinner date.



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